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Hits it's mark at every turn and gets the period vibe just right. Can't wait to see it. :D

Will be posting again properly soon. :)
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And are we going to be as bloody stupid as last time and believe they're not purely out for themselves instead of the interests of the country as a whole? I think this article sums things up pretty well...

"We cannot go on like this. Our children are being set up to live in poverty, and our full time jobs are not enough to raise them. Our disabled and elderly are living in abject poverty in what is supposed to be one of the richest nations in the world."
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This is wonderful..*g*

"MODERN DAY BTVS. Timeline shifted up 10 - 15 years, on all accounts (ex. Spike has a 90s grunge aesthetic instead of 80s punk). I’m really curious how much improved technology and communication could potentially completely alter situations, and snowball into bigger events."

Giles’ bewilderment when asked upon purchasing a rare, ancient tome whether he’d like an ebook copy.

“Willow, sweetie, I really don’t think it’s a good idea to 3D print an Urn of Osiris”

Spike’s frustration over the shitty leeched wifi in his crypt. How is he supposed illegally download his shows when this connection is complete bollocks?

“Now if I’m not mistaken, some lucky girl’s got herself a Playstation 3.” “No way!”

The ensuing disaster when someone tries to Google Translate that ancient prophetic ritual.

Cordelia setting up an internet presence for Angel Investigations on Facebook. Or as Angel calls it, Headpages.

That time Willow almost got murdered by a demonic robot she met on Plenty of Fish.

The secret to restoring Angel’s soul is on a flash drive under Ms. Calendar’s desk. With a backup copy on Dropbox.

Buffy’s growing list of excuses as to why she sometimes doesn’t pickup her phone, because you very well can’t tell your mom you were too busy getting repeatedly punched in the face by a demon with fists the size of butterball turkeys, and that’s why you didn’t answer her texts about what you want to do for dinner tonight, and can you walk Dawn home from Lisa’s? It’s fine, mom, it’s fine, lasagna is fine, Dawn will be fine–Lisa lives like two streets over, remember?–I had my cell on vibrate ok? Sorry. It’s no big. Chill.
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Gotta say I love how they've done Hela. Looks like she's stepped straight from the pages of the comics. Also a clever way of doing Loki and Thor so they now have even more overtones of their graphic selves.

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Behind a cut because of Dr Who spoilers..Read more... )
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shadowkat has found out a little more about what signing this agreement may mean....

As well as other journalists over here..

I've signed as I still want to post on LJ, but I'm prepared to copy my stuff over to DW, even though this site gets on my nerves for some reason. *g* But If some people are locked out of LJ because they didn't sign, well then I'll just have to get used to it.

My DW journal is over here...
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Rahirah discusses the concept of hell in the Buffyverse..
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I'm sorry but I'm this bloody close to giving up LJ for good. I mean WTF are they doing on there to mess it all up so badly...christ on a bike.....
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Anyhoo, after looking at some links regarding Jeff Pruitt's behind the scenes vids on youtube,

I'd forgotten that the bloke had got fired and that there had been a bit of bad blood between him/SMG and Whedon, as this seems to testify....

Firstly JP's 'thinly disguised 'parable' he wrote after the fact

And Whedons reply....!topic/
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I can't for the life of me get on lj anymore. Sometimes my FL appears but I find I cannot comment.

I'm sure this is all just another wave of organized DOS attacks by the Russian government like last time. :(
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I know It's not their fault, but I'm really getting fed up not being able to read or post on there right now. :(
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Old news, but not for me. Good grief....

Imagine If Lucas had taken the healm all by his lonesome. We would have been watching "Indiana Smith" starring Tom Selleck the greedy, money-seeking pedophile. :0
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Scott Allie interview about Buffy Season 8 and 9.

Q&A with Lesbro Scott Allie

Lisa Gunther

There’s no question about it: Buffy the Vampire Slayer has staked a claim in the hearts of the LGBT community. And now that Buffy Season Eight has come to a finish, fans are eagerly awaiting Season Nine. In the meantime, Dark Horse editor Scott Allie reflects on the past four years, working with Joss Whedon and the challenges and rewards of keeping the beloved characters alive (mostly) in comic book form.

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This was an animated gif, so God only knows why It's not working on here. :0
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